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Grady Jane Woodfin is a writer who likes to tell messy stories about the dramas of everyday life.  She finds comfort in making her audience uncomfortable by tapping into the really twisted places in our hearts and minds in order to unfold stories of beauty and happiness that can only arise after suffering.


Woodfin’s writing has been influenced by Raymond Carver, Donald Barthelme, and Miranda July. Through them, she realized the element that was her favorite in storytelling was the microcosm of details that are often overlooked. She found herself writing about an unnoticed freckle on someone’s pinky, loose hairs escaping from a stranger’s bun, or even, the tiny smile that haunts one’s lips after a kiss.  This revelation inspired her to share these seemingly insignificant, yet fragile moments with her readers.

Woodfin started her writing career in Journalism when she wrote for the Liberty City Good News.  She supervised a team of 15 student writers and wrote more than 40 articles including news, editorials, and interviews.  Recently, she’s been published in several literary magazines including Crab Fat and ThickJam, and her short story “Twizzlers,” was a 2015 PushCart Prize nominee. 

Woodfin has earned her BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. Currently, she resides in Texas. When she isn’t working on her latest short story, you can find her telling her friends to drink more water, playing video games, or, occasionally, contemplating the mundanity of the everyday life.

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